Hello Internet

Anyone who knows me, knows that this is not the first ‘hello internet’ post I’ve ever written, nor is this my first blog. In fact, I think this might be my eighth… I may be wrong, and I’m not bothered enough to scroll through WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr to find all of them. But there’s been a few, and I started my first blog when I was 14. 3 years on, I’m starting another. And this time, I’m determined to make it stick.

Surely the reason I’ve tried (and failed) so many times is because I really want to write a blog. But time and time again, I’ve made up excuses or just simply forgotten about blogging. And I’m not saying that I can guarantee I won’t do that again this time, especially seeing as in exactly 77 days I have my first A-Level exam (not that I’m counting)  so I should be super busy revising and cramming and having breakdowns and crying like most A-Level students. But, here I am.

So, a short introduction to start. Hopefully this won’t be as cheesy as some of my others. (“Hi guyss!! I’m Maddy, I’m 14 and I love writing and bloggers and youtubers and etc etc I’m the happiest person alive !!!!!!!”)

am called Maddy, but I’m now 17 with my 18th birthday looming quickly in just 8 days. Exciting stuff. I live in Suffolk, England and am in my last year of school. I’ve been at a all-girls boarding school for 7 years and despite ‘hating’ it at the start, I really love the comfort it brings, but I’m also very ready to (hopefully) move on and go to university in September, to read English Literature with Creative Writing. Also exciting stuff. So yes, I do love writing. I always have, and hopefully always will.

Things I like and will also (hopefully) write about: reading, modern calligraphy, food and baking, travel, clothes and makeup, giving advice etc

Things I don’t necessarily like but will blog about regardless: stress, exams, problems in friendships, mood issues, mental health etc

Here’s my blog, here’s me, let’s get this thing started.


(Also, as the photo of little diddy me would suggest, I love animals and am currently (well, for the past few years) trying to convince my mum that guinea pigs would be the best motivation for me to revise…)


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