Birthday Supper 

It’s my birthday!!!!!

Happy 18th to me. I can’t wait to spend the day with those I love, eating yummy food and drinking, well, lots.

I’ve had a lot of fun planning my birthday, and I thought I’d share some of the decorations I’ve made up for the table, all super easy and cheap.

Firstly, I made confetti for the table. My mum wanted to get some plasticky, shiny confetti with “18” all over them, but I wanted something a bit more tasteful. So here are my book stars and hearts. This took 10 mins to make, and all you need is an old book (I’m sorry to those like me who love books, I did feel pretty guilty but this one book had to sacrifice itself to make my table look pretty. And anyway, I can reuse these) and some paper punchers, which you can get in practically any shape or size on Amazon, such as these. 

Then, because we didn’t have nearly enough tealight holders, I found a whole load of seashells which are the perfect size. How convenient!

For napkins, I bought some sweet ribbon from our local fabrics/sewing/craft shop, and tied bows around white linen napkins.

And lastly, placecards. As a big lover of lettering / modern calligraphy, it only seemed right to make them. I used Tombow 623 and 553 pens and a glittery silver pen to shadow the letters, and a thick biro for the black part. 


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